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The CSpa Foot Care range offers luxurious care and healing filled with sensorial local ingredients such as grapefruit, mandarin, lime and sandalwood.


Mint and Lime Salt Foot Soak

The Mint and Lime Salt Foot Soak has refreshing mint oil, perfectly suited for swollen, heavy and tired legs. The Mint and Lime Salt Foot Soak has uplifting and invigorating qualities that leave the legs feeling refreshed and renewed.


Fresh Grapefruit Liquid Foot Soak

The foaming-fresh liquid foot soak contains grapefruit for its anti-bacterial and uplifting properties which cleanse the feet whilst its high concentration of vitamins and minerals invigorate the skin for the softest finish.


Mandarin, Lime and Sandalwood Foot Mask

The ultimate luxuriously creamy treat for dry skin. Mandarin essential oil will aid with blood circulation whilst sandalwood essential oil will leave the senses submerge in relaxation. 


Not available for retail. Enquire about your nearest CSpa Foot Care stockist by contacting

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