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Aventurine is a Green gem stone which allows for emotional growth, purifying mental and emotional bodies.

It attracts tranquillity and peace, and amplifies ones leadership qualities.

The Aventurine Stone is placed on your clients heart during the Welcome touch, this allows for emotional growth, cleanses negative emotions and attracts tranquillity and peace.



- CSpa Aroma Facial Treatments -

Each facial journey with CSpa Aroma Wellness begins with Relaxing Eternity Flower Tea to gently ease the body into relaxation and soothe the senses. The therapist will discuss any main concerns to ensure optimal sensorial satisfaction of which a hydrating, rebalancing or anti-ageing facial will commence.


With each treatment a relaxation Welcome Touch massage incorporates a green Aventurine stone placed on the heart for emotional growth, tranquillity and peace whilst the massage encapsulates the relaxing indulgence of CSpa Aroma Wellness.

Welcome Ritual & Cleansing

Whilst sipping on Invigorating Jasmine Fairy Flower Tea, get your skin thoroughly cleansed with the uplifting cleansing range.

During this step we'll learn about your skin concerns.

Hydrating Facial

Enjoy a hydrating facial massage and let the skin embrace the healing and hydrating African aloe-vera, sandalwood and neroli essential oils.


Anti-Ageing Facial

Discover the age-reversal powers of myrrh, frankincense and jojoba essential oil for a healthy regenerated skin in this anti-ageing ritual.


Rebalancing Facial

Rebalance your skin with this ritual, perfectly suited to oily and combination skin.

 Infused with deeply detoxing lemon essential oil, restoring geranium, basil and reviving ginger.


Luxurious Face Massage Cream

Anti-Environmental, Oxygenating peptides (suitable for an irritated skin to normal skin types) it is a deeply penetrating cream rich in vitamins A and D, Lecithin, Potassium as well as Vitamin E.

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