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These beautiful teas are hand tied floral arrangements for both a visual and sensorial taste experience. This tea is enjoyed in all CSpa Treatments: Face, Body and Foot.

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Under the Mozambican Skies, the Strychnos Spinosa grow in abundance.


The fruit of this tree (monkey apples) are picked by locals in rural communities and then dried. The local name for monkey apple is Ihlali.


The monkey apples are a key introduction into African context of CSpa Aroma Wellness. This pressure tool also allows your client to get used to your touch.


- CSpa Aroma Body Treatments -

CSpa Aroma Wellness body treatments provide two journeys to suit the body's natural yearning: Relaxing or Invigorating. Each treatment is uniquely personalised based on the body's journey of choice. Begin each journey by inhaling two aromatic smell bells infused with relaxing and invigorating essential oils.  The senses will naturally prefer one of the sensorial scents which will determine whether the treatment journey will be one to relax or invigorate the body and mind.

Salt Glow Exfoliating Body Treatment

Whilst sipping on Invigorating Jasmine Fairy Flower Tea, this luxurious natural salt and coconut oil exfoliating body treatment improves the skins texture and enhances its rejuvenated glow.


Relaxing Neroli and Vanilla Hydrating Body Wrap

This dreamy body wrap is the perfect selection for dry skin in need of nourishment, hydration and relaxation paired with Relaxing Eternity Flower Tea.  The beautifully textured wrap with aromatic vanilla, leaves the skin hydrated in a silky finish whilst the body is left feeling calm and restored.


Invigorating Peppermint and Rosemary Detox Wrap

Renew the body and mind with a revitalising peppermint and rosemary body wrap to cool and stimulate the skin leaving it feeling smooth, softened and the senses refreshingly awakened.


CSpa Aromatherapy Massage Journey

Aromatherapy combines the use of essential oils with healing therapeutic strokes. Depending on the body’s needs, each sensorial massage will include either Relaxing or Invigorating essential oils.


CSpa Hydrotherapy Bath Crystals

CSpa Hydrotherapy Bath Crystals present the ultimate sensorial soak with a choice of four luxurious experiences to envelop both body and mind. Embody the senses in Lemongrass or Cashmere Bath Crystals, Sensorial Shimmer Milk Bath and Rooibos Mineral Bath Salts with Rose Petals. 

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