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Designed in Africa,
for Africa


South African brand CSpa Aroma Wellness is based on aromatherapy purist principles with modern applications. CSpa infuses the benefits of aroma healing with African notes. Staying true to its heritage, CSpa incorporates these hints at various levels.  


Indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa, Aloe Vera is enjoying a revival as the ‘millennial ingredient.’ The profound benefits of this cornerstone extract have remained at the core of many of CSpa’s hydrating journeys based on its rich historical healing properties. The use of Aloe Vera can be traced back as far as Cleopatra who referred to it as ‘the plant of immortality’ due to its extensive hydrating properties. Modern science continuously discovers new uses for this extract whilst the most important known benefits in aiding the skins health include its hydrating and anti-ageing properties.   


More than 300 years ago, the local inhabitants of the Cape Cederberg mountains discovered the needle-like Rooibos plant. Renowned for its relaxing and stress-reducing properties, CSpa incorporates the riches of Rooibos into the Luxury Bath Care Range.  CSpa makes use of monkey apples handpicked by locals in the villages of Mozambique and then dried to form the massage tool used to relieve surface tension. This has been combined with blended essential oils in each CSpa Aroma Wellness body treatment for a wellness journey which touches the five senses.  ​


CSpa also sets itself apart through the use of natural Aventurine Stones in the facial treatments. Placing them on the clients’ décolleté – where the heart is – allows for emotional growth, cleanses negative emotions and attracts tranquility and peace.

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As a local brand, we aim to uplift Southern Africa and the rest of the continent with products which are traded responsibly and aid in penetrating the social upliftment of communities. This will be done through smart distribution channels, job creation and a dedication to local ingredients.  


With Wellness and Nature being one of the top International trends, our aim is to grow CSpa into a world renown brand that offers results and financial sustainability. The product is manufactured in South Africa thus being socially and economically responsible. The target market for the CSpa Wellness brand is segmented into the end-consumer for retail and professional spas and salons. According to the Global Wellness Institute, in 2013 Sub-Saharan Africa experienced 4.2 million wellness trips with a spend of over $3.2 billion. Entering into the African spa landscape, travel wellness will be a core focus.


Travellers within the African continent often seek relaxation and local experiences which stand out from the established norm. In addition to this, CSpa Wellness incorporates hints of Africa at various levels. For example, monkey apples which are handpicked by locals in the villages of Mozambique are dried to form the massage tool used within each body journey.

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CSpa Aroma Wellness is committed to protecting the environment and leaving a lasting and sustainable beauty legacy for future generations. With our eco-friendly and recyclable packaging, CSpa Aroma Wellness ensures that the impact on the environment is minimized.  


Our “clean formulation” based products are free of toxins, with naturally sourced ingredients; allows us to truly uphold our strong premise of beauty without cruelty, whilst not compromising on the sensorial experience felt through the brand. We continuously improve our best practices to maximize environmental sustainability.



The CSpa heritage stems from a desire to provide sensorial, luxurious treatments at entry-level price tiers to ensure every person can envelop the spa and salon experience. With a focus on ancient aromatherapy philosophies and the lipo-soluble nature of essential oils, Aroma Serums form the heart of the brand to awaken a yearning for total skin and body wellness.


​The locally manufactured brand adds a South African touch to spas and salons which are able to stand alone in a professional and retail space. CSpa Aroma Wellness completes the CSpa brand for total skin and body wellness.

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