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What makes CSpa different?

CSpa Aroma wellness is South African-made, free of parabens and mineral oils. CSpa presents an unprecedented range of well-planned homecare products for all skin types and body wellness requirements, supported by precise professional spa & salon treatments. The CSpa range fits into 5 star spas as a quality brand and being well-priced, it makes it an attractive brand. CSpa is an easy-to-use modern sensorial range, which treats most skin concern areas.

What does CSpa stand for?

Curatio – in Latin means healing treatment. CuratioSpa (CSpa) is the new generation Aroma Wellness based on Aromatherapy’s purist principles. It offers a modern sensorial journey of both balance and indulgence.

Where is CSpa from?

CSpa is a locally manufactured brand.

Are CSpa products tested on animals?

No.  CSpa is closely controlled and tested in laboratories. We also have an independent panel to trial all products before launching.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the art and science of helping living things toward wholeness and balance using the essential oils which can be extracted from plants. 

Why are essential oils so powerful?

The oils were believed to carry the “essence”, or unique identity of the plants they came from. CSpa embraces this DNA or soul of Essential oils. The oils transit fast into the deeper layers of the skin ensuring powerful results. 


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