Cream or Milk? How your body likes its tea

It's officially autumn and our skin, just like our body is starting to demand more nourishment from us than usual. You are probably craving orange juice and warmer drinks, sleeping in longer and wondering why it's so dark out, picking a rich oxtail over a salad and opting to stay indoors instead of going on a raving night out. These are just a few signs that seasons have changed.

The urge to hibernate is constant and strong. Just like the body gives you signs of what it needs, so does your skin, you may begin to find that the thin cooling lotion you used in summer isn't cutting it in the cold and windy seasons. Your skin requires more nourishment and something richer to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

Our skin often dries out during winter because of the environmental changes we are exposed to and the things we do to try to keep warm. Low humidity and windy environments, which is what we are exposed to in winter, accelerate water loss through the skin. Water loss is further accelerated by direct heat that blows on the skin, which is what happens when we turn on those heaters.

The CSpa Aroma-Rich Nourishing Body Cream is a fast-penetrating and nourishing formula, enriched with opulent myrrh and frankincense essential oils, to regenerate skin cells with an added toning benefit which for me, makes it perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. The choices for the seasons range from body butters to creams but if you are anything like me and you prefer a rich cream throughout the seasons, then there is no reason to switch for the seasons.

For those who prefer something lighter regardless of the season (just like me with and my cream) then CSpa Coconut and Vanilla Body Milk is the ideal post-shower or post-bath hydrating lotion with sensuous vanilla and coconut used for their calming effect on the body which you lather on to improve circulation whilst transporting the body into complete relaxation.

So whether you prefer creams or body milk it's important for us all to recognize the importance of nourishing the skin as a hydrated and nourished skin is a happy and healthy skin.

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