Rerouting – an indulgence we don’t often grant ourselves.

So the first quarter of the year is done and dusted. Some have faltered in their pursuit of their resolutions while others are thriving. Even I currently am not sure where I fall, but if you are guilty of falling behind it’s time to take a moment and reroute rather than quit.

As the hunger for what we want does not diminish because we have fallen behind, we simply let the little things known as excuses get in the way. We start to conjure up reasons as to why we haven’t

accomplished the goal instead of actively chasing it.

We often forget that we don’t have to achieve everything we set out to do now, right at this moment; all we need to do, is to do little things every day and before we know it, that giant goal is accomplished and the hunger satisfied.

Truthfully achieving the goal in everyday efforts makes one more open to dreaming and aiming higher. We see more results and are more excited to take on any challenge.

To help me with this I have recently read and begun to practice the “Mind Tools Life Plan Toolkit 2017.” In the toolkit, CEO, James Manktelow goes through how we can use forethought and preparation to map out a greater future for ourselves. The toolkit follows 5 steps with in-depth steps in between:

  1. Exploring You

  2. Examining Your Dreams

  3. Making the Choices That Define Your Life

  4. Creating Powerful Goals

  5. Organising for Success

As I wasn’t short on the amount of time I spent exploring myself and examining my dreams, or in creating and prioritising the powerful goals I wanted to achieve, I knew which were important to me and how those goals could help me with the other less powerful goals. What struck me most from reading and practicing the toolkit was the part about organising. I didn’t organise enough, I wasn’t prepared enough for the opportunities that came my way because I always used the easy way. I thought it, visualised it and maybe wrote it down and then fumbled my way towards it instead of constantly implementing an action plan. So I challenge you to create an action plan on how you will achieve your goals.

And then with the start of the second quarter in the year, I challenge you to indulge yourself not only in a luxurious bath with CSpa products, yes that’s a shameless plug but to also create an action plan, kick start your dreams and goals so that life is more fulfilling and joyous.

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