What’s in my handbag?

Often I find myself emptying my bag and two days later it’s filled with all sorts of goodies I don’t recall

tossing in. So today I took some time to declutter my handbag in an attempt to minimise the items in there so I can find what I am looking for without pouring out the entire contents of my bag to find it!

So there were some strange and wonderful discoveries.

1. Notepad – I write it, I remember it

Always the easiest thing to find and a joy to look at, a good friend of mine bought it for me 2 years ago and it’s still one of my favorite things. Each year I fill it with new pages and each year it stays in style.

2. Cellphone – My connection to the world

Honestly I have found this more times in my hand while looking for it in my handbag than in my handbag.

3. CSpa Age Defying Eye Cream – My beauty saviour

For the long days at the office and long evenings having drinks and dinner with friends, I use this to rejuvenate my eye area then follow with concealer so that I can at the very least look awake when my girlfriend calls me for the 40th time about the drama with her long time on again off again boyfriend.

4. Cardigan – My warm cuddle

For warmth, I don’t like the cold despite the fact that I was born in the middle of winter. I prefer to always be prepared just in case the sun is eclipsed by clouds and there are sudden winds. This is always easy to find because it always lies on top of everything.

5. A Zip Pouch – Pouch of greatness, safety first

For all emergency beauty supplies like a nail file, eye liner, band aid and safety pins. No cutting heel or snapping buttons will get in the way of our greatness.

6. CSpa Rebalancing Herbal Green Inhale – My Zen

Late last year I decided to create the environment I want to be in and this has proven to be my go-to for this purpose. Just a sprits of this on the drive home, in the office or on my linen and I have the perfect rebalancing environment.

So there you have it, a mix of strange and wonderful things in my handbag. Think you could top the mix of items in my handbag? Go on, share your handbag secrets with me!

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