The beauty of routine: The beauty routine of 3 women

The beauty of routine:

The beauty routine of 3 women.

The day starts differently for every woman in South Africa. Each routine and life different, but each with a desire to be at their best continuously.

Routine is often the thread that binds our crazy lives together. It is the calm during the morning rush for the mother of three, the head start for the 23 year old trying to blaze the trail in the corporate world and the sense of comfort for the CEO of an established company.

While each routine differs, these women all view their daily ritual as one of the elements that a successful life is composed of.

Jasmine Chetty, working mother of 3

05:00 - My alarm goes off, it’s been an evening full of home work and what’s for dinner so I take 30 minutes to myself. I often gather my thoughts for the day, what I would like to achieve for my family and my career and take 10 minutes to meditate on it.

05:30 - My teenage son is up already, probably rushing homework I kept reminding him to do last night *sigh*. I tell him to step in the shower and I wake the two little ones, daughter (10) and son (8).

06:00 – My husband packs lunches while I step upstairs to take a shower.

06:15 – I take a few minutes to take care of the one thing my husband wakes up to every morning and that my colleagues have to stare at all day, my face. I wash my face with the CSpa Uplifting Foaming Cleanser, while my daughter shouts for me to fix her ponytail. I then use the CSpa Uplifting Tonic Lotion to clean off all the excess impurities I missed, because in our home the ponytail is more important than anything else. My husband is going away for business for the two days so it’s going to be a sweat filled day of rushing for pickup’s and fixing dinner, so I apply a thin layer of CSpa Rebalancing Aroma-Cream Light on my face, neck and décolleté after I have applied a few drops of the CSpa Rebalancing Serum on my skin.

06:30 – By some miracle, breakfast time and everyone has made it downstairs with both hands and feet intact.

07:00 – My husband leaves with our eldest son and I drop off my daughter and youngest son on my way into work.

Ayanda Tshabalala, 23 year old advertising creative

05:30 – Wake up to the realisation that today is leg day and that a client signed off on a two week no sleep project which we closed off last night with what was meant to be a few drinks *on cue my head begins to pound*. I roll around my bed wishing it was the weekend instead of a Wednesday.

06:00 – First email of the day, I have been bouncing ideas around with the Creative Director and we both seem to never sleep. I take a headache tablet with some orange juice.

06:05 – I wash my face with the CSpa Uplifting Cleansing Milk while I run a quick bath. I stare myself in the mirror with the realisation that I slept with make-up on so, I need to use a toner. I remove the excess make-up with the CSpa Uplifting Aroma Tonic Lotion and get into the bath. Ahh...sweet peace. With the CSpa Rebalancing Aroma Mask thinly applied over my face, neck and décolleté I take the time to plan my day and how I will conquer the world before the age of 28.

06:25 – I look asleep still. I apply a few drops of the CSpa Hydra-Boosting Serum under my CSpa Hydra-Indulgence Cream. Yes, that’s more like is hydration is life.

06:40 – I get into work clothes, grab my laptop bag and hand bag, will grab a coffee and a muffin on the way into the office.

Kim Andrews, CEO of an established company

06:00 – Wake up and do the bed. I am often up before my alarm anyway so, by the time it rings my internal clock is ready for the day.

06:15 – I head downstairs to my home gym and like clockwork my trainer is there already, ready to hopefully today, ease me into the day. Yes, it’s yoga day so I mentally walk through my priorities for the day while I do the Upward-Facing Dog Pose.

07:00 – I take a bath then do a gentle cleansing exfoliation with the CSpa Uplifting Aroma Exfoliator. A quick tone with the CSpa Uplifting Aroma Tonic Lotion then I apply a few drops of the CSpa Age Reversal Serum. My eyes, yes, it’s been a life full of expression and I have the wrinkles to show it. With my ring finger I apply my CSpa Age-Defying Eye Cream around my eye area under my CSpa Rich Repair Anti-Age Cream moisturiser to my face.

07:30 – Have breakfast with my husband. We always make it a point to start the day together.

08:30 – Head to work.

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