Taking you from morning to night with the Instagram selfie

Taking you from

morning to night

with the

Instagram selfie

The CSpa Aroma Wellness is the enigmatic essence of life, incorporating aroma purist principles into modern sensory journeys. Offering you moments that allow you to pause and embrace a sensory experience.

From the moment you lift your head from the pillow you can be greeted by the invigorating and aromatic, Revitalising Spicy Green Inhale which contains a combination of essential oils. Cleanse your face with the CSpa Foaming Cleanser restoring the elasticity in your skin and serving as the perfect anti-oxidant source. A few drops of Hydra-Boosting Serum and then a thin layer of the Hydra-Indulgence Cream to your face, leaving you fresh faced and ready for that infamous “I woke up like this” Instagram post.

Whether you shower or bath, CSpa Aroma Wellness is able to nourish your body for the day, with the CSpa Aroma-Rich Nourishing Cream you will have a FAST-PENETRATING, NOURISHING body cream formula that also indulges your senses. Enriched with opulent myrrh and frankincense essential oils, INDULGE in pure aromatic sensoriality. REGENERATE the skin cells with an added TONING BENEFIT taking your “body goals selfies” to a whole new level.

With the CSpa Aroma Wellness range we can offer you everything you need to get your selfie together.

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