Engaging your Senses

Engaging your Senses

The senses have been known to give us an indication of what we need. If you are uncertain about that statement, think about this. Have you noticed that when you have been to the spa and have been asked to smell two oils, they would use the oil you are most drawn too? Well that is because your senses have given the therapist a sense of what you needed whether it be relaxation or to be invigorated.

Still not sure? Think about a time when you had been ill and have been drawn to certain smells of food and been nauseated by others? This is an indication of how the senses can be used as a healing tool for the body and the tickle of the sand in your toes.

A walk in the park or a stroll on the beach isn’t only relaxing because of the act of walking but also because of the sensory experience that is part of the journey, the smell of the flowers or of the ocean.

These experiences need not only be limited to the spa or strolls on the beach, you can share in many sensory experiences in your own home with the CSpa Aroma Wellness Inhales. Entice your senses with the CSpa Age Reversal Frankincense & Myrrh Inhale which creates and ambiance of a fresh, new beginning or for a more invigorating and aromatic environment with essential oils of lemon, ginger, patchouli, cinnamon and cedar wood the CSpa Hydrating Sandalwood & Neroli Inhale will leave you feeling revitalized.

Savour a complete rebalancing environment with the scent of geranium, ginger, basil and sandalwood with the CSpa Rebalancing Herbal Green Inhale. The CSpa Relaxing Geranium and Sandalwood Inhale is a delectably fragranced room and linen sprits which envelops the senses in a soothing, regenerating and healing effect partnered with sandalwood for its hydrating, toning and antiseptic properties.

The CSpa Aroma Wellness Inhales can assist you in a GOOD NIGHTS’ REST or when ENTERTAINING AT HOME, the CSpa Aroma Wellness Inhales take it to a whole new level by providing a sensorial experience for guests that could rival many, by simply spraying the CSpa Aroma Wellness Inhales on your TOWLES, CARPETS and linen before your guests arrive.

With our CSpa Aroma Wellness Inhales we offer your sensory experiences and healing. Begin the sensorial experience by choosing which CSpa Aroma Wellness Inhale you want online today.

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