Cream or Milk? How your body likes its tea

It's officially autumn and our skin, just like our body is starting to demand more nourishment from us than usual. You are probably craving orange juice and warmer drinks, sleeping in longer and wondering why it's so dark out, picking a rich oxtail over a salad and opting to stay indoors instead of going on a raving night out. These are just a few signs that seasons have changed. The urge to hibernate is constant and strong. Just like the body gives you signs of what it needs, so does your skin, you may begin to find that the thin cooling lotion you used in summer isn't cutting it in the cold and windy seasons. Your skin requires more nourishment and something richer to keep the skin soft an

Rerouting – an indulgence we don’t often grant ourselves.

So the first quarter of the year is done and dusted. Some have faltered in their pursuit of their resolutions while others are thriving. Even I currently am not sure where I fall, but if you are guilty of falling behind it’s time to take a moment and reroute rather than quit. As the hunger for what we want does not diminish because we have fallen behind, we simply let the little things known as excuses get in the way. We start to conjure up reasons as to why we haven’t accomplished the goal instead of actively chasing it. We often forget that we don’t have to achieve everything we set out to do now, right at this moment; all we need to do, is to do little things every day and before we know

The importance of exfoliation - a waiting to exhale moment for the skin and body

Just recently we experienced the March equinox; anyone who is into astrology knows that this signifies the beginning of a new astrological year and the start of a new season, autumn. As we are in the Southern Hemisphere, the equinox symbolizes a time to release and let go of the old in order to prepare for winter. If you can take a moment and think back to the events surrounding the day of the equinox, 20th March, you may recall that there was often conflict or things that seemed to be falling apart because this is a time to release the past, clear negative beliefs or feelings and get ready to welcome in the new. Yes, I understand this blog currently feels like click bait but I promise it's

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