What’s in my handbag?

Often I find myself emptying my bag and two days later it’s filled with all sorts of goodies I don’t recall tossing in. So today I took some time to declutter my handbag in an attempt to minimise the items in there so I can find what I am looking for without pouring out the entire contents of my bag to find it! So there were some strange and wonderful discoveries. 1. Notepad – I write it, I remember it Always the easiest thing to find and a joy to look at, a good friend of mine bought it for me 2 years ago and it’s still one of my favorite things. Each year I fill it with new pages and each year it stays in style. 2. Cellphone – My connection to the world Honestly I have found this more time

The beauty of routine: The beauty routine of 3 women

The beauty of routine: The beauty routine of 3 women. The day starts differently for every woman in South Africa. Each routine and life different, but each with a desire to be at their best continuously. Routine is often the thread that binds our crazy lives together. It is the calm during the morning rush for the mother of three, the head start for the 23 year old trying to blaze the trail in the corporate world and the sense of comfort for the CEO of an established company. While each routine differs, these women all view their daily ritual as one of the elements that a successful life is composed of. Jasmine Chetty, working mother of 3 05:00 - My alarm goes off, it’s been an evening full

Our Top 5 Things in (Pantone) Colour of the Year 2017

At the end of 2016 Pantone Greenery was chosen as 2017’s Colour of The Year. Meant to revitalize and refresh, 2017’s official colour has already been spotted in interior design, on fashion runways and even wrapping luxury cars. And so it seems only fitting to start things off with our top 5 things in this refreshing shade. 1. Matcha Green Tea Matcha literally means "powdered tea." Perfect as a cup of tea, in your favourite pancake recipe or as part of a nutritious smoothie, this new trendy beverage is a potent source of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. 2. Greens Avocado, Lettuce, Rocket, Green beans – sing it in “you name it challenge” melody. Because they are healthy, good for you, per

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